The SF Network

The Sports Facilities Companies approached us for a full redesign and rebuild of their website. They wanted to use this site as a portfolio of the beautiful sports facilities they build and manage across the country. The project included: sitemap, wireframes, design and a custom WordPress theme.

Services Provided

Custom Web Design and Development; WordPress Development; SEO Optimization

Website Wireframes

Our website projects commence with the creation of wireframes before diving into the design phase. This approach allows us to organize and incorporate essential content onto the pages before initiating the actual design process. Through this method, we’ve observed a more efficient workflow, resulting in satisfied clients upon project completion.
Custom Wireframes

Website Design

Upon finalizing the wireframes, we transition into the design phase, where the website begins to materialize. Our design strategy prioritizes the user’s perspective, ensuring optimal display across all devices. We aim to craft visually striking websites that blend functionality with accessibility.

Given the client’s extensive content, we implemented layouts featuring custom vector graphics, tabbed content sections, sliders, and accordions. This was done to enhance the digestibility of the content for visitors, creating an engaging and user-friendly experience.
Custom Web Design and Development
Website Design
UI UX Design
Tampa Web Design
Tampa Website Design and Development

Custom WordPress Theme Development

For the majority of our clientele, we leverage WordPress as both a framework and Content Management System (CMS). The WordPress platform empowers our clients to independently access and edit their website content, proving particularly beneficial for sites frequently updated with information. In the case of The SF Network, we utilized the Elementor Pro page builder, providing the team with a seamless process to effortlessly create new pages and sections.
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