Design Case Study: Red Mountain 2012 Season Brochure


2012/13 Annual Season Brochure for Red Mountain Theatre in Birmingham, AL


Red Mountain Theatre


Red Mountain Theatre is a theatre organization that focuses on musical theatre.


Red Mountain Theatre needed a season brochure in two forms, both of which needed to be mailable. They were unsure of the overall direction, but knew they wanted to reflect the theme of the season, “You’ll Think You’re on Brodway.” While they loved the in-house design of previous seasons, they wanted something slightly more polished and stream-lined in design.


We started be reducing the copy to the most important information, removing any superfluous information. The goal was to push ticket purchasers directly to the website, which provided detailed information about the upcoming season, as well as a simpler way of purchasing tickets. We focused on three information sections: the plays to be performed, the cost and availability of season tickets, and the high-level sponsors of the season. To increase readability, we committed to one sans serif font, featured the titles and other information in a warm red with accents of tangerine, and left-aligned the text. We then added a stock photo of a chiffon scarf in the same red, which symbolized the drama and fashion of the Broadway style. The overall design of the brochure focused on getting the relevant information to potential ticket purchases in as simple a form as possible.

Services Provided:

Graphic Design, Print Design


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