Design Case Study: Laurel Drive Studio


Laurel Drive Studio – Strategy and Branding


Toni-Lyn Keller


Laurel Drive Studio is a photography and creative studio located in Savannah, Georgia. The studio offers wedding photography and creative design. The owner, Toni-Lyn, is a SCAD trained artist who has expertise in art therapy and photography.


Toni-Lyn, a talented artist and photographer, contacted us with a logo design and branding dilemma. She was unable to decide on a branding style for her own business and was in need of branding direction that she could implement as she created packaging and print design for her studio.


We stepped in to design a branding board and logo design for Laurel Drive. Toni-Lyn had two styles in mind, a classic serif font with bold typography, or a hand-crafted script font that was more feminine in nature. For both, she wanted to implement a bold violet blue. To start, we created several logo concepts for her. Toni-Lyn chose the hand-crafted logo, which was reminiscent of watercolor strokes, a medium she wanted to reflect throughout her packaging. The branding board included a shortened version of this logo which can be used for square spaces. Her primary colors will be violet blue and black, but accents of ocean and peach are also available. For fonts, we chose Gotham Book and Gotham Bold.

Services Provided:

Logo Design, Branding Board, Color Palette, and Mood Board


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